Tina Santos

from Massachusetts

"Dan is a beautiful contrast of strength and toughness, as well as pure light and love. His ability to heal simply through his words and presence alone is undeniable and palpable. His Bear healings provide deep healing on many levels as well. I'm sincerely grateful to have shared sacred space with him and to be able to call him a friend now, and I look forward to our next gathering together."

Dr. Leslie Shew

from Alabama

"Dan's beautiful energy and passion for his culture created the perfect healing environment. The weekend was incredible and the community that developed from it is something everyone should experience. I highly recommend!"

Stacee Magee

from Arizona

"As the drums beat, my heart soared. I listened and learned so much during this transformational weekend. I left the gathering forever changed in a powerful and magical way. Words cannot express my gratitude to Dan."

Meredith Bisiker

from Vancouver Island

"I can't stop raving about my experience with Daniel Hull at the Shamanic Gathering in Nashville! Weeks later I feel grounded, clear-headed, and I have an incredible sense of calm. Daniel is a humble, unassuming man who has incredible power to lead people to speak from their heart. With his almost hypnotic way of speaking, I found myself relaxed and able to go to the spiritual places inside me that needed acknowledgment and healing. Thank you Daniel! I am looking so forward to the next gathering."

Angela Proctor

from Mississippi

"Dan and his team hold a loving space of unconditional love for whoever enters the doors to receive healing. Dan holds the teaching of the Grandfathers and The Law of One. The sweat lodge is an intensively personal spiritual experience. Dan was the spiritual leader in charge and I felt safe and overseen with love and care."

Sara Smith

from Ohio

"Simply being in the presence of Dan, Strong Heart Bear, has a deep healing and calming effect that will resonate with you each and every day for the rest of your life. Dan is a man who exudes humility, love and grace. He will humble you and give you the strength and courage to change your life and aide you in making the positive choices you were not able to do before. A man who speaks softly but carries the wisdom to create powerful changes."

Katherine Banani

from Tennessee

"Dan's gentle spirit and amazing bear medicine gives you exactly what you need at that moment with grace and fierce intensity. Love is the message and he delivers it with a humble heart."

Tatiana "Tajci" Cameron

from Croatia

"When I first heard Daniel Hull speak at a gathering, I was moved with how unassuming, humble and powerful this man was. Every word he said was important - spoken with an engaged spirit and an incredible presence of heart and mind. He widened my views with his wisdom. As importantly, he listened to each one of us with such patience, respect and a sense of peace. That too was an incredible healing gift."

Dez Stephens

from Illinois

"Dan is an incredible soul with an incredible vision to serve others. His presence is undeniable - very loving and powerful. Just being around Dan is healing. He is very generous with his Native teachings and his open heart."

Megan Johnson Rox

from Illinois

"I had an incredible spiritual experience at the retreat and sweat lodge that Dan facilitated. His magical drum and wisdom were amazing. I was nervous to do my first sweat, and he guided me through it the whole way. He led us through a profoundly healing experience."

Colleen Borstad

from South Dakota

"Dan and his support team brought a grounding and loving energy to this space. Wisdom exudes from Dan and yet he is humble and approachable. The healing and sweat lodge experiences were amazing and soul-touching."

Shauna O'Malley

from Wisconsin

"This weekend was like nothing I have ever experienced before. The people and energy that surround Dan and his healing are people who listen fully and love deeply. I can't wait for next time!"

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