Songide Makwa (Strong Heart Bear) is an Ojibwa Elder. He is also known by Daniel Hull to his family and friends that join him in this journey of life. His path has always been one rooted in service however the direction and passion of service became more sacred after a devastating accident left him paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. Prior to his accident, Daniel's life had been dedicated to different areas of volunteering as well as working with at-risk youth and acting as a spiritual advisor in the prison system. He has been leading a life of service for nearly three decades volunteering in a number of ways according to his vision, his sacred dreams, and following his heart.

People are very hungry searching for something in their life... In response to this hunger, Daniel facilitates 4-day Native ceremonies twice per year in his native Wisconsin and has for the last 25 years. Dan has become known for a very sacred healing ceremony that he performs, using a large drum and a circle of female healers. This ritual is a very powerful, spontaneous, and transformative experience. These healings are open to anyone who feels called to them, regardless of race, religion, or heritage. He has also offers Native healing retreats in Nashville, Tennessee, through the facilitation of Radiant Retreats hosted by Dez Stephens

Daniel's message and purpose is not about the history of his people and their land, but the traditions and the values which people live their lives by. His purpose is to provide the space for people to come and experience spiritual healing. He facilitates and provides for a purification ceremony that takes one into the womb of mother earth in order to be rebirthed, whole once again.

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